Case Studies

Employee COVID Screening

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our client, DxTerity wanted to quickly provide an Employee Screening Service as part of the "KEEP AMERICA WORKING" initiative. The goal was to fulfill the tremendous demand for COVID-19 testing as workers needed to return to their places of employment during the pandemic.

Utilizing CypherMed Cloud's out-of-the-box capabilities including HIPAA compliance and data security along with account management and authorized data sharing, we quickly created the necessary workflow. Our test ordering, reporting, and alert notification also provided the foundation for the project.

At-Home Diagnostic Tests

When Amazon approached DxTerity to provide COVID-19 test kits for sale on the Amazon marketplace, they were able to add that online workflow using our telemedicine capabilities within 2 weeks! Now tests are being sold on Amazon, enabling DxTerity to rapidly sell test kits utilizing Amazon's tremendous market reach.

In Vitro Diagnostics

Online storage of diagnostic test data is vital for several of our clients. They have used the data in a plurality of ways, from keeping track of the consumables used such as cartridges or reagents, to keeping track of the instrument's health. With a multitude of mechanical parts, the tracking of the instrument performance allows for failure prediction and prevention.

IVDs take immediate advantage of the consumables tracking and device monitoring capabilities of CypherMed Cloud. Test results are stored in our HIPAA and GDPR/CCPA compliant data storage.

Drug Detection

CypherMed Cloud was also the cloud-of-choice for a drug detection breathalyzer for use by employers and law enforcement. The security provided by CypherMed Cloud and analysis of the risk profiles allowed for definitive defense against inevitable attack attempts.

Therapy Devices

Our client wanted to expand their market into less developed countries that would benefit from a pay-per-use model and allow therapists to only pay for treatments used. This allowed their customers to use the device risk free and not have to purchase devices outright. Integrating the device with CypherMed Cloud, we were able to establish the rules for the purchasing of therapies and collect and track usage. Our client got the additional benefit of seeing the features his customers used, and gained new insights into field use.

Managing Unreliable Connectivity

Using the device in a pay-per-use model without reliable connectivity to the internet introduced unique challenges. We could only sync up occasionally, yet the device needed to be functional regardless for paying customers. We worked with our client to implement the appropriate rules, and setup a regular schedule to attempt to sync data with the cloud.


Easy access to images in order to review, contrast, and compare is never more important than with Ophthalmology. Our client wanted an iPad as the sleek, portable user interface, wirelessly receiving the images from the collection device, and storing them to the cloud.

The iPad also allowed access to all of the clinic's stored images, allowing the physician full access to the group data. Using thumbnails synchronized with the cloud,  it appeared as if all the images were available locally on the iPad, without worrying about storage and access time. Physicians could select between hundreds of images for review.


CypherMed Cloud is an optimal choice for wearable technologies as well. Take for example this activity monitor one of our clients created with the goal of improving patient safety and clinical outcomes following musculoskeletal and other soft tissue surgical procedures. The patch alerts the patient when they approach a clinician selected threshold for range of motion and muscle activity. CypherMed provides the cloud connectivity needed for their remote monitoring and diagnostic reporting, enabling the clinician to utilize this data.

EKG & TMS Workflow

Our client has a system which starts with collection of the patient EKG for analysis and ultimately  the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment that will be provided. CypherMed Cloud is the solution to provide their complete workflow with its HIPAA compliant cloud storage and user portals allowing several roles and permissions laid out for the technician, physician, analysts, and scientists.

A complete solution was created to fulfill the workflow requirements, with elegant portals for the patient and clinic.

Vascular Placement

CypherMed Cloud played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the management of a cutting-edge medical device fleet for one of our clients. The device in question is a sophisticated vascular placement tool, designed to streamline and enhance the clinician's workflow. By leveraging CypherMed Cloud, our client was able to efficiently manage device accounts and seamlessly deploy crucial software updates to their fleet of devices.

This cloud connectivity not only simplified the device management process but also ensured that the devices were always up-to-date with the latest enhancements and features. Through our robust platform, the client could oversee their device ecosystem with ease, facilitating smooth transitions from ultrasound vessel assessment to final tip confirmation, ultimately improving patient care and clinician efficiency.

Clinical Surveys

Our client is developing a digital cognitive assessment platform targeting pattern separation built using CypherMed Cloud. It is coupled with an artificial intelligence (AI) engine that generates unprecedented insights into the cognitive processes and brain systems that underlie memory loss. Development of the platform was greatly accelerated by the use of CypherMed's secure data storage and search functionalities, and overhead for compliance and FDA submission were both substantially reduced.

Lung Recruitment

CypherMed Cloud is instrumental in empowering our valued clients to effectively manage their medical device fleets. This particular device is utilized for airway clearance/lung recruitment elective/assistive treatments, boasting a unique phasitron mechanism that optimizes gas exchange capacity for improved patient outcomes. By leveraging CypherMed Cloud, our client seamlessly handled user and device accounts, significantly streamlining the preparation process for FDA submission. This solution not only simplified administrative tasks but also ensured regulatory compliance, ultimately enhancing patient care.

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